Friday, April 4, 2014

Dóra Maurer Tracing Space

Dóra Maurer 
Tracing Space I, Tracing Space II, and Plan 1979
Gelatin silver prints and graphite

Since the 1970s, Maurer has explored the nature of space and movement though the use of serial sequences of images, signs, and language. Working in photography, film, and graphic design, she makes art based on mathematical and conceptual processes, often reversing, repeating, and repositioning objects for the camera. In Tracing Space I, II and Plan, the artist applied this serial process of observation to her studio, moving around the space while photographing it. The pictures, presented with her plan for taking them, reveal the connection between structure (or intent) and spontaneity (what the camera actually recorded). Maurer’s process–oriented oeuvre unites the concrete and the conceptual in a manner that suggests the centrality of perspective—in art, as in life.

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